Vehicle Coding and Reprogramming

We can help to reprogramme and recode various modules across the whole of the vehicle. See below for more details.

Steering Racks

Steering Racks

When a new steering rack is fitted often you will be left with a light on the dashboard or heavy steering until the new unit is encoded and reprogrammed back to the vehicle so it can work as it is intended.


Radar and Camera Systems

Radar and camera systems can be damaged in collisions (minor or major) or water ingress. These need to be reprogrammed if they are replaced for a new or second-hand unit so that they work as intended. After reprogramming they also need to be re-calibrated so that they are aligned correctly to the vehicle to ensure they are working as they were designed to for that vehicle.


Electronic Seats

When some electronic seats have been disturbed or replaced the seats need to relearn the manufacturer positions by reprogramming the system.



Engine Control Units control the vehicle engine management system. This can often be damaged in a front end collision or from water ingress. When it is replaced, we can reprogram a used or new dealer part back to the vehicle so that it works as intended. (The old ECU is not required for reprogramming).


Airbag Modules

We can recode and reprogram all vehicle makes and models airbag modules when a new unit has been fitted (old unit not required for reprogramming). In some cases if a airbag module is repairable we can recondition the airbag unit. 



We can carry out satnav updates or reprogram a new head unit into a vehicle if a new one has been fitted.


Crash Data Removal

We can carry out crash data removal if required 



When a new headlamp is fitted to a vehicle with adaptive or auto lights for example, it is required to reprogram the headlamp module to the vehicle otherwise they will not work as they should or in some cases not even turn on.



New dashboards require reprogramming and the correct mileage to be re-entered after replacement.


Key Reprogramming

We can reprogram new lock sets back to the car once the keys have been cut for the vehicle if they have been lost, stolen or broken. 

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