Vehicle Remapping

Fully Mobile ECU (Engine Control Unit) Remapping Services

This is where the parameters of the vehicle engine management software are changed by optimizing it. This results in improved performance, by improving your BHP and torque and/or lowering your fuel consumption.

We offer ECO (designed to improve fuel consumption there are no power gains on this remap), stage 1 and stage 2 remaps. We can also remove and add on some functions which are listed below. The process works by modifying the ECU’s software which is then written back onto the vehicle ECU when completed.

Deletes and Add Ons

Below is a list of deletes and add ons you can have with or without a remap:




Swirl Flaps


Hot Start

DTC Delete

Cold Start Delete

SCR (Adblue) Delete

Launch Control

Start/Stop System Off

Pop & Bang/Crackle Map

MAF Off (Not Available for All Models)

Pop & Bang/Crackle Map with Switching (Only Med9 VAG)


Remaps start from £175. All add ons and deletes vary in price. Please enquire for a quote and further details.

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